I already have a business plan, I can get funded on my own: FICTION                                  We assist hundreds of clients every year, about 60% of the time, clients have a business plan or proposal.  However, in nearly half of these cases, we must heavily revise the business plan.  There are simply to many aspects that clients miss when putting together their plan and proposal.  ROI sections, industry comparisons, five year projections, depreciation data- there are simply far too many aspects that are overlooked. 
                                                                         I can get an SBA loan easily:  FICTION            It is near impossible to get an SBA loan nowadays.  The SBA has become a guarantor and not a lender.  They are now your first hurdle in getting a loan. 
Unless your plan and proposal are flawless, they will recommend you take a workshop, or come back when you have the data you are missing.  If you can not impress them during the first meeting, your chances are slim the second time around.

A flawless business plan is required: FACT
If you do not have a business plan you will not get your foot in the door with anyone.  Banks and investors want to see your idea, and more importantly they want to see it in writing.  They want facts and numbers, that is their bottom line.  The sooner you understand that their bottom line revolves around numbers and not your idea, the better chance you have of being funded.  Too many clients put too much emphasis on describing the model, with little input on financial projections and most importantly investor rate of return.

Bad Credit = NO FUNDING:  FICTION            Banks will of course depend on your credit and collateral to make their decision.  However, outside investors will look at your idea and your roadmap for your business.  The majority of our clients have FICO scores below 620, and we have been able to help them with venture capital and Angel Investors.  Ultimately it is your business idea and vision that will be invested in.  Portraying this to investors correctly is of the utmost importance.

What can we do for you?

You have a business idea, an idea that you have been trying to get off the ground for some time now.  You tell anyone who is willing to listen that you have looked at all the scenarios, and based on your knowledge and experience you can not lose.  Then you run into one stumbling block... MONEY.   Regardless of the type of venture you are looking to start-up, funding will at some point be an issue.  Whether it is for expansion or start-up, you can not move forward without funding in place.  Unless you have sterling silver credit, and a lot of collateral, walking into a bank with confidence and a dream is not going to get you the funding you require.  We are here to bridge the gap between your idea and get you the funding you need for your business today.

Our success is based upon our years of experience.  You may know your business inside and out, as you well should, but we know how to best market your business in writing to potential investors and lenders.  That is our job, and our stats have improved every year.

To get going you need to put your idea on paper.  If you do not have a business plan, you will need to submit our questionnaire form.  What will your company be offering?  Who is your competition?  What makes you different from the competition?  Who are the company principles/owners?  What benefits can each principle bring to the table?  Download and return our questionnaire.  The answers you provide us will give us all the information we need to move forth with your plan.        

                                              CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD QUESTIONNAIRE

Upon your online signup and submission of your completed questionnaire form, or business plan, we will create your proposal and begin contacting investment parties.  Our turnaround time is quick, 2 business days to get started.  In the event that we must handle business plan revisions, full business plan drafts, or Regulation D preparation an additional 5-7 business days may be required.   Once you have received and reviewed your documents, we will produce a second and if needed third draft with your corrections and additions.  Once your documents are finalized we will create presentation packages for submission to our network of venture capital firms and Investors.  The process of getting your idea into the hands of investors will take no more than 2 business weeks, even if we must start from scratch with your documents.




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