Things to keep in mind:

All projects are worked on a 3% finder's fee commission basis.  This commission is invoiced upon each successful placement. In the event that the minimum funding amount is not raised, no commission fees need be paid.

Do not sign-up for documentation or revision purchase without approval from our firm.  If we feel your project meets our criteria, we will need to draft an agreement for our 3% finder's fee commission and you will have to execute and return this prior to your sign-up. 

If you have a valid business plan and require a Regulation D PPM, there is no need to purchase business plan documentation.  If in doubt please have us review your business plan first.

How much funding do you need?              A general rule of thumb, you need enough to fund your first year of operations.  Many clients feel that once their business is up and running they will be profiting immediately, however, in most instances it can take a start-up anywhere from 3-6 months just to turn a profit.  By securing funding to pay your first year's overhead, you are ensuring that your business has a fair chance for success.

Is your venture unique?
If your venture or business model is a new one to most investors, they will need as much explanation as possible in order to get a full picture of your idea.  In these instances it is desirable for clients to provide us with as many photos or drawings as possible, so we could include this in your presentation.

Are you submitting to the SBA for consideration?   If you plan on submitting your plan to the Small Business Administration for consideration, our basic plan and proposal is all you require.  Keep in mind that the SBA will look at your credit, collateral, and previous business experience, if you feel confident to move forward with the SBA, we can create your plan and proposal.             


Documentation payment page below only applicable for clients who have an executed agreement with our firm. For all others, please visit our documentation website:  


Click Here to enter our Client Documentation Portal.

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Documentation Policies:  Sign-up initiates a binding contract between HSBC, LLC and client.  HSBC guarantees a first draft within 2 business days.  Once final draft has been agreed as final and correct we will begin shopping your project with investors.  Once any funding is secured, we will invoice our 3% finder's fee commission as agreed upon.